All About Laundromat Franchises With Jim Williams

All About Laundromat Franchises With Jim Williams

Today’s episode explores the idea behind laundromat franchises. A common question that new investors often have is whether they should strike out on their own or if they should become a franchisee. This growing trend isn’t for everyone, but it perfectly suits some investors and today’s guest, Jim Williams of WaveMAX, comes on the show to shed some light on laundromat franchising.

The laundromat franchise model has been around in various forms for a while, but some believe that all of the proper tools are in place to make laundromat franchises scalable, manageable, and economical. Jim talks through reasons he believes the franchise model is the way to go for many owners.

This episode is jam packed full of great insight. Even if you’re not currently a franchisee or if you have no desire to own a franchise, there is still a TON of information in this episode that will help you run your business more efficiently and retain more profit.

In this episode, Jim and I discuss:
* Why franchises never caught on and why they might see more success now.
* Why a new owner should consider a franchise.
* How technology is evolving in the laundry industry and the implications on the laundromat owner.
* The 4 categories of changes in the laundromat industry.
* The complete process to owning your own franchise laundromat.
* Systems that make franchise laundromats more effective and efficient.
* Who is a good candidate for a franchise laundromat.
* The importance of providing value to the customer.
* Getting the right location for your laundromat.

And much more!

You definitely don’t want to miss this as aerospace industry veteran turned laundromat franchisee shares his business wisdom to help you succeed faster in your business!

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27. All About Laundromat Franchises With Jim Williams

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