The negotiations between Disney and Lucasfilm – A negotiation case study

The negotiations between Disney and Lucasfilm – A negotiation case study

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This negotiation techniques tutorial follows the negotiations between Disney CEO Robert Iger and former Lucasfilm head George Lucas, showcasing the negotiation tactics used as the conversation unravels.

Hope you will enjoy the video! Here’s a link to the full course on Udemy:

This tutorial is part of a series of short movies on how to be an effective negotiator. The complete module can be found on Udemy, as a core part of the MBA in a Box course by CEO Valentina Bogdanova and 365 Careers.

Among business strategy and marketing insights, the course delivers repeatable tactics and bargaining strategies that can be widely applied across professional and personal settings.

Negotiation module table of contents:

1. Negotiation: An Introduction

Intro to Negotiation
Why is negotiation a core managerial skill?
Why are people bad negotiators?

2. Negotiation: The negotiation toolbox

Understanding BATNA
Reservation point and the Bargaining range

3. Negotiation: The importance of preparation
Assessing yourself
Assessing your opponent
Assessing the situation

3. Negotiation: Types of negotiation

Distributive negotiations (Slicing the pie)
Distributive strategies (Pie-slicing strategies)
Interest-based bargaining
Interest-based negotiation strategies
Choosing the correct negotiation strategy

4. Negotiation: Subtleties that will help you in the long run

Adverse tactics and protecting yourself from them
Conflict resolution
Establishing trust
Broken trust and how to repair it
Mediums of negotiation

5. Negotiation: A Complete Negotiation Case Study
The negotiation between Disney and Lucasfilm